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IDE is a single executable file. There is no installation procedure for it. Just download and unzip the execution file to any folder you like. It will not modify any settings on your computer and will not write anything to the registry (Windows). For deinstallation just delete it.

Linux version is compiled on Linux Mint. It may require recompilation to run on other distributions of Linux.

mcdasm.exe IDE unzipped ~3M IDE zip ~1M
mcdasm.7z IDE zipped by 7z ~1M
mcdasm IDE unzipped ~5M
mcdasm.tar IDE tar ~5M
mcdasm.tar.gz IDE tar Gzip ~2M
IDE includes assembler, linker and in-system debugger. It allows step-by-step execution of program, setting breakpoints, view MCU register content.
  Copyright 2012 Birusinka